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Aritaur: Jay & Martin Horgan

CalvaXar: Cindy Ranson & Ben Pearce

Redrovia: Chantelle Duncanson

Starviper: Michelle Clark 



Obi is looking for his forever home!

Obi is a good natured, playful 8 month old German Pinscher male, who has come back to me for rehoming. He has had some good basic obedience training, is house-trained and has excellent recall – and he is a real sweetie that loves being loved!

He is good with other dogs and people. He would benefit from a calm child free environment, and lots of company, or he can get anxious. Despite being full size, he is still quite puppy-like – he loves to play, so another dog would be good as long it will also play, or tolerate him, although this isn’t a requirement. He apparently had a couple of resource guarding incidents with his first family, but he has shown no such behaviours with us and lets us take toys and treats away without a murmur.

He was born with an undeveloped right eye (microphthalmia) so only has one functional eye. It has been checked by veterinary eye specialists, and doesn’t bother him at all.He is a lovely dog and deserves a lovely home – please message Katrina (  if you would like to discuss him or have more information, or ask anyone at the National German Pinscher Club for general advice.

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